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Dog Price In India 2023

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So, you are planning to buy a puppy, that’s why you are here right?

Everyone loves dogs. Especially kids and youngsters. Everyone has their own different choices when it comes to dog’s breed according to their budget.

Well, we will help you to decide which breed you should buy according to your budget. We will give you information about dog price in India of every breed that is available, So that you can decide which breed to buy according to your budget.

The price of the puppy depends on the Bloodline, Purity, Popularity, Quality of the Breed.

How much Dog cost in India in 2023?

Well, everyone who decodes to buy a Dog gets confused on which breed to choose at first. If someone is already sure about their favourite breed then there comes is the real question about the Dog price. Every person or shop owner will tell you different cost. Plus, if you try checking on Google, you will get outdated dog price in India.

And this is why we have written this super detailed article covering most dog breeds to let you guys know the right information you need before making your purchase.

So here is the price list of dog breeds in India :

Dog Price List In India (2023) – All Major Indian Cities

Dog BreedPrice Range In India
Pomeranian3000-7000 Rs
Indian Spitz
4000-8000 Rs
Dachshund7000-12,000 Rs
8000-15,000 Rs
Pug10,000-15,000 Rs
Doberman12,000-15,000 Rs
Dalmatian13,000-25,000 Rs
Golden retriever15,000-25,000 Rs
Rottweiler18,000-25,000 Rs
20,000-25,000 Rs
20,000-25,000 Rs
German shepherd
20,000-35,000 Rs
Shih tzu
22,000-25,000 Rs
Saint Bernard
28,000-50,000 Rs
30,000-50,000 Rs
Siberian husky
40,000-60,000 Rs
Irish Wolfhound 40,000-50,000 Rs
Maltese 20,000-25,000 Rs
Maltese Shih Tzu 20,000-25,000 Rs
Cavapoo 20,000-30,000 Rs
Japanese Spitz 40,000-50,000 Rs
Pocket Beagle 20,000-25,000 Rs
Goldendoodle30,000-50,000 Rs
American Foxhound 15,000-25,000 Rs
English Foxhound 10,000-20,000 Rs

Latest Dog Breeds Prices In India | Top Dog Breeds

1. Pomeranian

Pomeranian dog price

Pomeranian is one of the most popular breeds in india. Pomeranians are small in size, classified as a  toy dog. These Dogs are named after Pomerania, the place in Europe which is now part of Poland.

Pomeranians are very loyal to their family and can be great watch dogs because of their fearless nature. They are good with everyone but when it comes to children you have to be a little careful.

They need proper training and daily exercise from an early age. They enjoy to learn and perform new tricks for their family

When it comes to grooming, you need to visit a dog groomer every 5-6 weeks. You’ll have to brush them daily, as it minimises the shedding of hair. It is advisable to inspect ticks and fleas during the summer.

They  come in Variety of colours which includes Black, White, Sable , Orange, Brown, Blue. Their average life span is 12 to 16 years.

Pomeranian’s price in india is around 3000-7000 Rs and they don’t need as much maintenance as larger breeds.

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2. Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz Price

Indian spitz was one of the most popular dogs in India in the 80s and 90s. They got famous from the movie called “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun“. Yes, you guessed it right! Tuffy was an Indian Spitz.

These dogs are often mistaken for a Pomeranian, but if you look closely they look different from each other.

They are divided into smaller Indian spitz and Greater Indian spitz. Their silky double coat with long fur makes them look very cute and attractive. And, just like Pomeranian, Indian spitz also need daily brushing and grooming every 4-6 weeks.

Indian spitzs are ideal to survive in the climatic conditions of india. They can adapt in apartments of any size whether it is small, medium or large.

They are found in 3 colours : White, Brown and Black. Their average life span is about 10 to 14 years.

Indian spitz will cost you around 4000-8000 Rs. And, their monthly maintenance is very low.

So, If you are looking for a dog which is budget friendly and has low maintenance, then you must go for Indian Spitz.

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3. Dachshund


Dachshund is a dog with a short leg and long body. They were bred in Germany to hunt badgers. There are two types of Dachshund: Standard and Miniature.

They are loyal companions and good watch dogs. Some of them may be a little aggressive towards people and other dogs. It is advisable to socialize with them from a very early age. Dachshunds are stubborn, so you need to be patient while training.

Dachshunds can be Black & tan, Chocolate & Cream, Chocolate & tan, Red and Blue in Colours. Their average life span is 12 to 15 years.

Dachshunds price in india is around 7000-12000 Rs. Their monthly keeping cost may be around 2000-3000 Rs.

If you are an experienced dog owner who wants to buy a small sized watchdog who can adapt in a small sized apartment, then you should definitely go for a dachshund.

4. Labrador


Now, let’s talk about the most loved dog breed in india; Labrador also known as Lab.

They originated in Newfoundland in the 1500s, and were historically used by fishermen for pulling ropes, hauling nets and retrieving fish.

Labradors are very intelligent, friendly and loyal dogs. They are very easy to train and easy to handle. They love to please humans. If you are buying a dog for the first time then Labrador is the best option for you.

Labradors are found in three colours: Black, Yellow and Chocolate. Labrador’s average lifespan is around 10 to 14 years.

Labrador price in india is around 8000-15000 Rs or even more than that. Their monthly expenses will be around 3000-4000 Rs.

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5. Pug

Pug price india

Pug is an ancient dog breed, Which is originated in China. They were bred as companion dogs. In Tibet, Pugs were kept as a companion by the Buddhist monks. Now, pugs are Popular in all over the world.

Pugs are small in size. They have big wrinkled faces and curved tails. In India they are also known as “Vodafone Dogs“.

Pugs are great family dogs. They are ideal for families with children, as they are very patient with children and love to play with them. They are very friendly in nature, so they can’t be watchdogs or guard dogs.

It is Difficult to train a pug than other dogs,  you have to be patient while training them. They need daily walks and moderate exercise. When it comes to grooming, they don’t need much grooming because they have short coats.

Pug comes in three colours: Black, Silver, Fawn. Their average life span is 12-15 years.

Pugs price in india is around 10000-15000 Rs. Their monthly cost for food will cost you around 2000-3000 Rs.

If you are looking for a small-sized companion dog, Pug is a great option for you.

6. Doberman

Dog price in india Doberman

Doberman is the 5th most intelligent dog breed. They are medium to large sized dogs, Originated from Germany, And were bred as guard dogs. They are used as Service, Rescue, Police and Military work, Therapy dogs.

Dobermans are very intelligent, energetic and powerful dogs. With proper socializing and training they can be good family dogs. They are very protective, affectionate and loyal, as they can die for their family.

Dobermans are found in Variety of Colours: Black, White, Fawn & Rust, Red & Rust and Blue & Rust. Their average lifespan is about 10 to 13 years.

Doberman will cost you around in price range of 12000-15000 Rs. And, Their monthly expenses will be around 3000-5000 Rs.

If you are an experienced owner and looking for a guard dog, Doberman is a great option for you.

7. Dalmatian

Dalmatian is a large sized and muscular breed; Popularized by the movie called “101 Dalmatians“. They stand out for their black spotted coat. However, They are born with plain white coats and they get black spots as they grow older.

Dalmatians are outgoing and friendly dogs. They need daily exercise. They love to jump, run and climb. However, if you own a dalmatian puppy then it is not advisable to over exercise, as they are hyperactive

If you are a first time dog owner then dalmatian may not be a good choice, as they are difficult to handle and train. Sometimes, experienced dog owners may also find them difficult to handle.

These dogs are mostly found in white colour with black spots, and rarely with blue, brown and lemon coloured spots. Their average lifespan is around 10 to 13 years.

A Dalmatian may cost you around 13000-25000 Rs. And, Their price range for monthly expenses may be around 3000- 5000 Rs.

8. Golden Retriever

Dog Price In India - Golden Retriever

Golden retriever is one of the most popular dogs in india. They are bred as hunting dogs in Scottish highlands. They are excellent at retrieving game for hunters and also used as Service, Rescue and Therapy dog.

Golden retrievers are very active and energetic dogs. These dogs love to play, swim and hike. They need daily walks and exercise. It is important to socialize and train them from an early age. However, Training them is easy as they are very quick learners.

They are friendly with family as well as strangers and other dogs. Because of their friendly nature they can’t be good watch dogs. They are ideal for medium and large sized homes as they need more space to play around. So, if you want a gentle, loving family dog, then you must go for the Golden Retriever.

There are three types of golden retrievers : American, British and Canadian.

They are found in Golden, Cream, Dark golden, Light golden colour.  And, their average lifespan is around 10 to 12 years

A Golden retriever price in india is around 15000-25000 Rs. Their monthly expenses will be around 4000-10000 Rs.

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9. Rottweiler

Dog price in india - Rottweiler

Rottweilers are one of the most ancient breeds. They are very strong and muscular.  They are bred as guard dogs. Also, they were used to pull the carts for butchers. Now, mostly they are used by police and military as service, rescue and therapy dogs. They can also be a good family dog if trained well.

Rottweilers are very powerful dogs. They have big heads and their jaws are stronger than a Pitbull and German shepherd. They have the second strongest locking bite which is 328 pounds per square inch (PSI).

If you are a first time dog owner then Rottweiler may not be a good choice, as they are not easy to handle and train as compared to other dogs. They need serious training. They can be dangerous if not trained well.

Rottweilers are found in black & tan colour. Their average lifespan is 8 to 10 years.

A Rottweilers price in India is around 10,000-80,000 Rs. And, their monthly expenses price range will be around 6000-10000 Rs.

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10. Beagle

Dog price in india - Beagle

Beagles also known as Saint hounds, are very energetic and active dogs. Their big brown eyes and long ears make them look adorable.

They were developed in Great Britain in around 1830 for hunting rabbits and pigs. Also, used in security and law enforcement to sniff out drugs and explosives, as they have a strong sense of smell.

They are very intelligent, loving and friendly dogs who love the company of people and other dogs. They are very affectionate and loyal to their family. Even though they are not guard dogs but are very protective towards their family.

They need one hour of daily exercise. They don’t like to be left alone, as they are very social dogs. If you are a first time owner the beagle may not be a good option for you, as they are difficult to handle.

A healthy beagle lifespan is anywhere from 10 to 15 years, some beagles have even lived up to 20 years. They are found in different colours like, White & chocolate, White & Lemon, White & tan, Orange & White.

A Beagle dog will cost you around 20000-25000 Rs. Their monthly expenses may cost you around 2000-4000 Rs.

11. Chihuahua

Chihuahua price

Chihuahua is one of the smallest dogs in the world. Their origin is from Mexico and named for the Mexican state of chihuahua. It is said that a dog called Techichi is an ancestor of chihuahuas.

There are different types of chihuahua like, Apple head chihuahua, teacup chihuahua and deer head chihuahua. They have two types of coat: smooth coat and long coat. When it comes to grooming, brushing once or twice a week is enough.

Chihuahuas are excellent watch dogs, as they bark a lot on strangers.It is advisable to socialize your chihuahua from a very early age. Because of their size , they don’t require much exercise and are suitable for all types of apartments.

They have the longest life expectancy of 15 to 18 years, some chihuahuas can live up to 20 years. Chihuahuas are found in Variety of Colours like Fawn, Black, White, Chocolate, Cream and Gold.

A chihuahua may cost you around 20000-25000 Rs. Monthly expenses of a chihuahua will be around 1500-3000 Rs.

If you are looking for a small sized watch dog with low maintenance then chihuahua is a great option for you.

12. German shepherd

Dog Price In India - German shepherd

German shepherds are a very popular breed in India and all over the world. They are medium to large sized dogs originated in Germany in 1899. German shepherds are working dogs developed for guarding and herding sheep.

They have one of the strongest bite forces which is 238 pounds per square inch (PSI) which can break bones of a human. And, They belong to top five breeds with the strongest jaw

They are used for police & military work as rescue and service dogs. Their duty includes bomb, drug and weapon detection. They follow commands very well and are quick learners. They can work for long hours without getting tired.

They are very obedient which makes them easier to train than other dogs. With proper training and socialization they can get along with children and other dogs. However, they are not good with Strangers, because of their guarding nature.

German shepherds have single or double coats of medium length with two layers of fur. Their coats should be brushed every other day, as their shedding rate is high. However, shedding rate can be lessened by proper grooming.

They are found in Black & tan, Red & black, Sable, and Grey colour. Average lifespan of German shepherd is around 10 to 13 years.

A Good quality German shepherd may cost you around 20000-35000 Rs. And, their monthly expenses may be around 4000-10000 Rs.

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13. Shih tzu

Shih tzu price

Shih tzu is a toy dog breed, originated from Tibet. They were kept in monasteries by the monks as loyal and trustworthy companions. Shih tzu literally means “A little lion“.

They have soft, long double coats and their fur can grow longer than fur. Their hair should be trimmed every 5-6 weeks, as it grows very quickly. And, it is necessary to brush and clean their hairs daily in order to maintain a silky and smooth coat.

Shih tzu is a lively, outgoing dog. They can’t guard and hunt, as they are very friendly with everyone. Shih tzus can be stubborn to train. It’s necessary to Start training them from a very early age. They need daily exercise and walks twice a day.

Shih tzus are found in Variety of Colours like; White, Gold, Black, Brown and Grey. They have 10 to 16 years of lifespan.

A shih tzu will cost you around 22000-25000 Rs. And, their monthly maintenance may cost you around 1500-3000 Rs or even more than that.14.

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14. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard price in india

This is a giant-sized and very muscular dog breed. They are amazing rescue dogs. Saint Bernard got their name from great Saint Bernard hospice. They were used as guard and companion dogs; Originated in Western Alps, between Italy and Switzerland.

Saint Bernard has two different types of coat: Short haired and Long haired. Brushing several times a week will prevent their coat from the Dirt. Their grooming and diet can be very expensive.

They have an excellent sense of smell. It is said that, The Saint Bernard can detect a person buried 20 feet under the snow. This ability makes them ideal for search and rescue.

They are found in Red & White, Reddish-brown Mantle, Brownish-yellow and Reddish-brown Brindle. An average lifespan of a Saint Bernard is around 8 to 10 years.

A Saint Bernard may cost you around 28000-50000 Rs or even more than that. Their monthly cost is little expensive as they need 4-5 cups of high-quality food daily and frequent grooming.

15. Pitbull

Pitbull dog cost india

There are 4 types of Pitbull: American Pitbull terrier, American Bully, American Staffordshire terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. But, we will talk about the American Pitbull terrier, as in India they are popular amongst them.

It is said that the American Pitbull is very aggressive and dangerous, which is not true. Like other dogs, they can become aggressive because of improper training, abuse and lack of attention. .They can be aggressive and violent with other dogs but not with humans.

Actually they are very friendly dogs. But, you need to socialize and train them from an early age. Most of them are very gentle, affectionate and patient with their family.

Their bite force is about 235 pounds per square inch (PSI) which is less than a German shepherd and Rottweiler.  Again, no need to worry, as they are not aggressive with humans.

American Pitbull terriers are found in Fawn, White, Black, Tan, Brown and Red colour. An average lifespan of a American Pitbull terrier is around 8 to 15 years.

They can cost you around 30000-50000 Rs. Monthly expenses of a American Pitbull terrier may be very high, as they need high-protein dog food. Meat sources like beef, chicken, lamb, fish are ideal for them.

16. Siberian Husky

Beautiful Siberian HuskyHere is the most beautiful dog breed ever, A Siberian husky. They have different eye colours which are Brown, Ice Blue, Green, Gray. Some of them have one brown and one blue eye(bi-eyed). Husky puppies are born with floppy ears and it becomes erect as they mature.

Siberian husky is a medium-sized working dog breed, originated in Northeast Asia as guarding, companionship and sled-pulling dogs. They are super active and intelligent dogs.

Huskies are great as a pet. They are very affectionate and friendly with their families and even with strangers. They are good for families with children. However, it is not advisable to leave Huskies around your babies. It’s very important to train and socialize them in a positive way from an early age.

Huskies are found in a variety of Colours like Black, White, Grey,  Black & tan, Black & White, Sable & White, Red & White. An average lifespan of a Siberian husky is around 12 to 15 years.

A Siberian husky can cost you around 40000-60000 Rs. And, when it comes to their diet and grooming, it can be a little expensive.

If you are an experienced dog owner and ready to take care of a High maintenance dog, then you can go for a Siberian husky.

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Final Words

Dog price in india guide

We understand that getting a Dog in India that too with a proper price in india is not easy as it seems. Different people will tell you different prices. That is why we have created this comprehensive article about Dog Price in India that you can definitely trust without a doubt.

Hopefully, our article will help you to get your favourite Dog breed from a reputed indian dog breeder and you can finally enjoy with your pet at your home.

What if I tell you that there are so many dogs here in India which are available for free? Don’t believe me? Look around, and you will find so many street dogs. All they need is your love.

It is always better to adopt a street dog,

If you can’t adopt, at least feed them.