Rajapalyam Dog Price in India
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Rajapalayam Dog Price In India 2023

Have you heard of this handsome, intelligent and a very loyal Rajapalayam dog? These dogs are large in size with slim but muscular bodies. They were bred as hunting and guard dogs.

But the sad news is that this dog breed is at verge of extinction, Very few are present in southern Tamil Nadu. So, it is very important to save this cool dog breed from extinction at any cost.

In this article you will learn about the Rajapalayam dog price in India, features and much more important information.

So, let’s start!


Rajapalayam also known as poligar hound is an ancient Indian Dog breed. They were developed by the Nayak Dynasty in a city called Rajapalayam in Tamilnadu state. These dogs were royal hunting dogs.

Once, Four Rajapalayams fought against the tiger to save their master from it’s attack and killed that tiger in the forest which is in Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu. It shows that, How protective and loyal they are. 

Rajapalayams were also used as war dogs during the Poligar war and in the three Carnatic wars(1746-1763). Even today they are used by the Indian Army at the borders of Jammu & Kashmir.

Features of Rajapalayam Dog

TemperamentAffectionate, Loyal, Intelligent, Devoted
HeightMale: 65-75cm, Female: 50-60cm
WeightMale: 25-45kg, Female: 20-30kg
Common Health ProblemDeafness
Lifespan15-20 years
Price5000-8000rs /Free
Monthly expenses3000-6000rs

How To Identify An Original Rajapalayam Dog?

Rajapalayam is a very Strong dog with heavy bones. They are found in only one color that is white. Their nose, mouth and paws are pink in color. They have oval shaped eyes and triangular shaped ears. Their white coat and pink skin makes them look unique and beautiful.

In short, you need to keep eye on following major factors to identify an original Rajapalayam dog

  • Color – Body = White & Nose, Mouth & Paws = Pink
  • Shape – Eyes = Oval & Ears = Triangular
  • Physique – Strong and Heavy Bones

How Much Does The Rajapalayam Dog Cost In India?

Rajapalyam Dog Price in India

A Rajapalayam may cost you around 5000-8000rs. Some of the people are giving it for free adoption to save this breed as they are at a verge of extinction. 

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Rajapalayam is a very active dog breed. They  need big open space to play around. Daily Long walks and running is necessary for their healthy lifestyle. 


Training a Rajapalayam is difficult as they are stubborn in nature. One should socialize and train them from an early age. If you are an experienced and knowledgeable dog owner then you may find it easy to train a rajapalayam. 

Should You Buy/Adopt A Rajapalayam Dog?

The answer is both Yes and No. 

If you are an experienced dog owner and looking for a guard dog then only you should go for a Rajapalayam.

And, if you are a first time dog owner and looking for a friendly dog then Rajapalayam is not a good option for you as they are difficult to train and handle

Final Words

We hope that after going through our detailed and accurate article about Rajapalayam dog price, you will be able to get a pet for yourself at correct price at your place.

If you have Rajapalayam dogs or puppies then we will suggest you give them for a free adoption to the people who can take care of them. As we know there are very few Rajapalayam dogs left, we should save them otherwise this breed will vanish. 

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