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Top Dog Breeds That Start With B

So you are looking to buy a dog and want to explore about Dog breeds and all information related to them? Well, that’s a wise decision. Everyone must research before finally getting a dog.

In this article, you will get thorough information about Top Dog breeds start with B. This is surely gonna to be super helpful for you all.

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Dog Breeds That Start With B – Features, Characteristics

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers also known as Boston Bulls are small-sized, sturdy and muscular dog breeds. They are very affectionate, loyal and playful which makes them excellent family pets. They are good with people of every age, other dogs and even with cats if trained well. 


Boston terriers originated in the United States of America around 1875. They were accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1893. They were bred as a fighting dog but now, they are used as a companion because of their gentle and affectionate nature. 


Boston terriers have a square shaped head with large & round eyes and erect ears. They have  a slightly arched neckline, broad chest and short tail. These dogs are very cheerful and playful dogs. They can easily get along with children, other dogs and also with cats if they are raised together.


Basenji Dog, Congo Dog, Zande Dog

Basenjis are very clever dogs. These dogs are also known as Congo dogs, African bush dogs and Zande dogs. They are small in size. They have almond shaped eyes with large erect ears, wrinkled forehead and curled tail.


Basenjis are ancient dogs, Originated from Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are renowned for their excellent sense of smell and sharp eyesight.  These dogs were bred as hunting dogs but now, they are not used for hunting anymore. With proper training and socialization from a very early age they make a good family pet.


These dogs are very affectionate towards their family and other dogs if trained well. The Unique thing about Basenji is they do not bark. The noise that they make is described as a yodel.

Border collie

Top Dog Breeds Starts With B, Border Collie

This is a very energetic, athletic and smart dog breed. They are medium sized dogs. They have a double coat with a rough outer coat and soft undercoat. Their overall skull is flat with a strong muzzle, erect/semi-erect ears and oval shaped eyes. The Neck is muscular and slightly arched, Tail is long and slightly curved.


This breed was developed in the United Kingdom as herding and working dog. They became popular during the 19th century. Today, these dogs are still used as working dogs as well as family pets.


Border collies are very energetic dogs and need lots of exercise. These dogs are also great watchdogs and they take care of family kids. However, With proper training & socialization they make a good pet.

Bolognese Dog

Dog Breeds Starts With Letter B - Bolognese Dog Breed, Bichon Bolognese

Bolognese dog is a small sized cute looking dog breed. These dogs are also known as Bologneser and Bichon Bolognese. They are found only in one color that is white. They have short coats with woolly hairs. Their head is medium in length with a large, black muzzle. The tail is curled and the ears hang long.


Bolognese dogs belong to the Bichon Family dogs, originated in Bologna, Italy. This dog breed was recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1995. They became a favourite of the nobility during the Renaissance because of their beauty. 


Bolognese dogs are very loyal and affectionate companion dogs. They adapt in any environment very easily. They also love to spend time with humans and make them happy. This dog breed is good with people as well as other animals which makes them a perfect family pet. 


Dog Breeds That Starts With B - Bloodhound Dog Info

These dogs are very strong and large hound dogs. Their head is long and narrow with wrinkled and loose hanging skin. The muzzle is long and the nose is black. They have almond shaped eyes and huge drooping ears.


Bloodhounds are developed in France. They were bred for hunting deer and wild boar. They are famous for their excellent sense of smell and tracking ability. Today, they assist with law enforcement and Also used as search & rescue dogs. 


Bloodhounds are very patient and gentle dogs. They are difficult to train, They make their own decisions rather than obey their owner’s command. They are good with children and easily get along with other animals as long they have been raised with them. 


Top Dog Breeds Starts With B - Borzoi

Borzoi also known as Russian Wolfhound is a large-sized hunting dog breed. These dogs are very strong and sharp. They have a very long & narrow head with arched muzzle, black nose and their eyes have slant to them. The coat is long, silky and slightly curly . The chest is narrow, front legs are straight, tail is long and curved.


Borzoi dogs were developed in Russia. They got their name “Borzoi” from the russian word “Borzii” which means quick and swift. This breed was recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1981. They were bred to pursue wolves and foxes. With time they became popular and now they are used as a companion dog. 


These dogs are very intelligent, friendly and very loyal to their family. They aren’t aggressive and rarely bark. They are good with people and other animals but children should not be left alone with them.


Dog Breeds Starts With Letter B - Beagle

Beagles also known as Saint hounds, are very energetic and active dogs. They have a square shaped muzzle with a broad nose, big brown eyes and long ears. The chest is broad & deep and the tail is long. 


They were developed in Great Britain in around 1830 for hunting rabbits and pigs. Also, used in security and law enforcement to sniff out drugs and explosives, as they have a strong sense of smell.


Beagles are very intelligent, loving and friendly dogs who love the company of people as well as other dogs. They are very affectionate and loyal to their family. Even though they are not guard dogs but are very protective towards their family.

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