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Pug Price In India 2023 (With Monthly Expenses)

Pug, also known as “Vodafone Dog” is an ancient dog breed that originated in China and it is said that the breed existed before 400 BCE. They were bred as companion dogs and treated as royal dogs by the emperors of China. Also, they were kept as companions by the Buddhist monks in Tibet. Now, these dogs have gained popularity all over the world. 

These dogs are medium in size. Male pug stands between 10 to 15 inches and Female pug stands between 10 to 12 inches. The weight of a male pug can be between 10 kg to 15 kg and a Female pug between 8 kg to 10 kg.


When it comes to their appearance, they are small in size. Their shoulders are slightly laid back, feet are small, and the tail is short & curled. The head is round with wrinkles, eyes are big & round, ears are small & folded. They have undershot jaws where the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw. 

Pugs are ideal for families with children as they are patient and enjoy playing. Because of their friendly nature, they cannot be good watchdogs or guard dogs. These dogs are friendly with strangers as well as other dogs. They are friendly with cats too! So, don’t be surprised to see your pug snuggling with cats. 

They sleep for an average of 14 hours which is more than other dogs. So, while they are known as eager people-pleasers, they are also snoozers. These dogs are more difficult to train, and you must be patient while doing so. They require daily walks as well as moderate exercise for a healthy lifestyle. 

Pugs are found in Fawn, Apricot, and Black color. Their average lifespan is around 10 to 15 years.

The price of a pug in India is around 8000-20000rs. Overall monthly expenses may cost between 1000rs to 3000rs.

Pug Dog Price In India 2022 – All Major Cities

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3 Factors Affects Pug/Vodafone Dog Price In India

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The price range of pugs also depends on their quality. Mixed breeds are available at a cheaper price, but it may affect their health and appearance in the future. On the other hand, Purebred pugs are expensive but stronger and healthier compared to mixed or low-quality pugs.


Pug puppy price in India may vary at different locations. If pugs are easily available in particular places then their price will be low as compared to other places. The cost is more if they are not available in some places as transportation charges will also be added. 


Cost of pugs also depends on the reputation of a breeder. The reputed breeder ensures purebred & healthy dogs. And, the pricing will be more if you buy a pug from a reputed breeder as compared to other non-reputed breeders. 

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Monthly Expenses For Pugs In India – Maintenance Cost

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Grooming Cost Of Pugs

Pugs shed all year, but some have noticed that they shed more in the Spring and Autumn. However, Grooming a pug isn’t a difficult task, it is very easy and can be an enjoyable bonding time between you and your dog. An anti-shedding brush will make the process of brushing easy and quick. 

You should also trim their hairs on the ears, neck, feet, and nails. It is advisable to brush them once a week, trim their hairs every 4-6 weeks, and bathe them occasionally.

It is very important to keep their nails short and clean. Trimming their nails when they are standing in a bathtub is a great idea because many dogs stand still better while they are in a bathtub.

Also, you should clean their ears. It is advisable to clean their ears after a bath as it will dry up the water that accidentally entered the ear canal during the bath. If you are not comfortable grooming at home, you can always find a groomer nearby. 

Overall grooming of a pug may cost you around 1000rs to 1500rs

Nutrition Cost Of Pug

Nutrition is the most crucial for a dog’s health. Pugs can eat both high-quality dog food and homemade food. Their food should be high-quality and protein-rich. Meat, such as chicken, fish, and cattle, should be included as it has the most protein.

You should also include water in their diet because just like humans, a dog’s body is also made of 70% water and it is important for their biological function

However, there are some foods you should never feed your dog. It includes grapes, chocolates, avocados, nuts, and raw meat.

A high-quality diet for a pug may cost you around 1500rs to 3000rs.

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Vaccination Cost Of Pug

Vaccination plays a vital role in keeping your dog healthy. Vaccinations prevent dogs from various diseases like rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and hepatitis. It also prevents them from spreading the disease to humans. 

Vaccinations should start when the puppy is 6-7 weeks old to prevent the diseases. After, when the golden retriever is an adult he must have his core vaccine yearly and rabies vaccine every three years. 

Overall vaccination may cost you around 1500 rs to 2500 rs.

Neutering/Spaying cost Of Pug

It is recommended to neuter/spay your dog if you don’t have the intention to further breed your golden retriever. This surgery may cost you around 10000 rs. However,  the cost may vary according to location.

The aftercare and other medicines for recovery will cost an additional 1000rs to 1500rs.

FAQs Related To Pugs Aka Vodaphone Dog

Pug FAQs

Is pug for first-time owners?

Pugs are small, playful, loyal, and highly adaptable dogs. They are easy to care for, which makes them an ideal dog for first-time owners. 

Can pugs be left alone?

Adult pugs can be left alone for 4-5 hours. However, we advise you to train your pug before thinking of leaving them alone.

Can pugs live in India?

Pugs are small, cute dogs that are ideal for small homes. They are from China and are a favourite of many families. They can, however, develop breathing problems in very humid environments but can easily survive in Indian temperatures.

Are pugs lazy?

Pugs are naturally lazy and sleep 14 hours per day. They also absolutely love food and have irresistible begging abilities, so keep an eye on your Pug’s weight to avoid obesity. While Pugs cannot jog or engage in strenuous exercise, they must maintain a healthy lifestyle.