Indian Spitz price in india
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Indian Spitz Price In India 2021 – Monthly Expenses

Indian Spitz is a native Indian dog breed. It belongs to the Spitz-type of dog breeds. People usually get confused between Indian Spitz and Pomeranian, but both of them are different from each other. 

Indian spitz was one of the most popular dogs in India in the 80s and 90s. These dogs got famous from the movie called “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun“. They are still very popular, as you will see an indian spitz in every other home. 

Their muzzles are sharp which are shorter than their skulls. The eyes are round and dark. One unique thing about their eyes is that they have visible irises in their eyes. Their ears are pointy which are triangular in shape. The Lips and the nose are black in colour. 

Indian Spitz price in india

These dogs have a square shaped body. Their chest is deep, legs are short and parallel to each other. Their tail is short and curls over the back. 

They have silky double coats with long fur that makes them look very cute and attractive. They are found in three colours that are White, Brown and Black. 

How much an Indian Spitz costs in India?

An Indian Spitz may cost you around 3000rs to 8000rs in India. However, their price depends on the 3 major factors that are Quality of a puppy/dog, Location and Breeder.

In this article, we will be discussing about Indian Spitz price in India including the monthly expenses required for Grooming, vaccination, etc.

Indian Spitz Price In India 2021

CityPriceOverall Monthly Expenses
Mumbai 4000-8000 2000-3000
Kolkata 2500-6000 1500-3000
Delhi3500-7000 2000-3000
Ahmedabad3000-6000 1500-2500
Ranchi2800-5000 1200-2800
Nagpur3500-5000 1200-3000
Lucknow 3000-6000 1500-3000
Pune 3000-6000 1500-3000
Mysore4000-6000 1500-3000
Jaipur3000-6000 1500-3000
Kochi 3000-6000 1200-2500
Chennai 3000-5000 1200-3000
Bangalore 3000-7000 2000-3000
Surat3000-6000 1200-2500
Hyderabad 3000-6000 1500-3000
Chandigarh 3500-6000 1800-3000
Indore 3000-7000 1200-2500

3 Factors Affects Indian Spitz Price

Factors affecting Indian Spitz Dog price in india


Price range of the Indian Spitz depends on its quality. Mixed Indian Spitz are available at a cheaper price but they might face health issues when they grow up. On the other hand, Purebred Indian Spitz are little expensive but healthier. Their price may go upto 8000.


Indian Spitz cost may vary at different locations. If Indian Spitz are easily available in particular places then their price will be low in that particular place. They will cost more if they are not available in particular places as transportation charges will be added. 


Pricing of a India Spitz also depends on the reputation of a breeder. The reputed breeder ensures purebred & healthy dogs. Ofcourse, the pricing will be more if you buy German shepherd from a reputed breeder as compared to other non reputed breeders.  

Monthly Expenses For Indian Spitz Dog In India

Indian Spitz monthly expenses

Nutrition Cost Of Indian Spitz

The most important thing for any dog’s health is their nutrition.

It is not necessary to feed only pedigree food to your indian spitz. You can simply feed them homemade food like Curd & Rice, Boiled eggs, Roti etc. You should also give them healthy treats while training. It is important to include meat such as chicken, fish and beef as it contains the highest amount of protein. 

You should also include water in their diet cause just like humans, a dog’s body is also made of 70% water and it is important for their biological functions.

There are some foods you should never feed your dog. It includes grapes, chocolates, avocados, nuts and raw meat.

Overall, Indian spitz diet may cost you around 600-800rs.

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Grooming Cost Of Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz have fluffy double coats which need frequent brushing to remove their fur of dirt. An anti-shedding brush will make the process of brushing easy and quick. 

It is very important to keep their nails short and clean. Also, Cleaning ears and anal glands is very important. It is recommended that you should have a daily routine of 10-15 minutes for their grooming. 

Overall grooming of a Indian Spitz may cost you around 800-1200rs.

Vaccination Cost Of Indian Spitz

Vaccination Plays vital role in keeping your dog healthy. Vaccinations prevent dogs from various diseases like rabies, parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis. It also prevents them from spreading the disease to humans. 

Vaccinations should start when the puppy is 6-7 weeks old to prevent the diseases. After, when the Indian Spitz is adult he must have his core vaccine yearly and rabies vaccine every three years. 

Overall, Indian Spitz vaccination may cost you around 1800 to 2000rs.

Final Words

Indian Spitz Price In India

Indian Spitz are ideal to survive in the climatic conditions of india. They can easily adapt in apartments of any size whether it is small, medium or large. They can make great pet dogs and watchdogs too.

So, If you are looking for a dog which is budget friendly, has low maintenance, and who can make a good pet then you must go for Indian Spitz. 

We hope that this article helped you to know Indian Spitz price in India in various cities with their monthly expenses. If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, feel free to comment or contact us.

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