Pomeraninan price in india
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Pomeranian Price In India 2021 – Monthly Expenses

Pomeranians are one of the most loved and popular dogs in india. These dogs are very energetic and smart. They are small in size, classified as a toy dog breed. They have foxy faces with almond shaped eyes, dark noses and erect ears. Their double coat is fluffier and the tail is curled.

Pomeranian is a great choice for those who are looking for a Family Dog as well as Watchdog. These dogs need proper training and socialization from an early age. They don’t need much exercise and they can easily adapt in any size of apartment. Their average lifespan is around 12 to 16 years.

In this article we will see how much does a pomeranian cost including its Food, vaccination and grooming cost in a month.

Pomeranian price in india

Pomeranian Dog Price List In India 2021

How much does a pomeranian puppy cost in India?

Well. The price of dog depends on a lot of factors but on an average it will cost around 5000 to 22000. Let’s look at the Pomeranian price in every indian city.

CityFood CostGrooming CostOverall Maintenance Cost Per Year
Mumbai 1,90030050,400
Delhi 1,90030050,400
Bangalore 1,90030050,400
Hyderabad 1,90030050,400
Surat 1,60010032,400
Pune 1,60010032,400
Patna 1,60010032,400
Ghaziabad 1,60010032,400

3 Factors Which Affects Pomeranian Dog Price

A Pomeranian may cost around 5000 to 22,000. Pomeranian price depends on three major factors that are Quality of the dog, Location and Breeder.

1. Quality Of The Puppy

Price range of the Pomeranian depends on its quality. Mix pomeranians are available at a cheaper price but it may affect the health and appearance of the pomeranian. On the other hand, Purebred Pomeranians are expensive compared to mixed breed pomeranian or low quality pomeranian. Purebred pomeranians are much more healthier and have longer & shinier coats. 

Better the quality, Higher the price. 

2. Location

Different locations have different prices of a Pomeranian because of the availability and the demand. If pomeranians are easily available in particular places then the price of pomeranians in that city will be low. Pomeranians will cost more if they are not available in particular places.

Also, they might cost you more in a city than in a village. 

3. Breeder

Pricing of a Pomeranian also depends on the reputation of breeder. The reputed breeder ensures purebred & healthy pomeranians. Ofcourse, the pricing will be more if you buy a pomeranian from the reputed breeder as compared to other non reputed breeders.  

After buying a pomeranian you have to take proper care of his grooming, nutrition and vaccination. 

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Monthly Expenses For Pomeranian Dog In India

Grooming Cost

Pomeranians have fluffy double coats which need frequent brushing to maintain it. It is important to keep their nails short and clean. Cleaning ears and anal glands is also very important. It is advisable to find a groomer who can do full grooming if you are not comfortable to groom at home. 

Overall grooming of a Pomeranian may cost you around 2000rs. 

Nutrition Cost

The most important thing for any dog’s health is nutrition. You can give pedigree food or home made food to your pomeranian by the advice of your veterinarian. There are some foods you should never feed your dog. It includes grapes, chocolates, avocados, nuts and raw meat. 

Their diet should be high-quality with plenty of protein. You should also give them treats while training, but it should be healthy. 

A high-quality diet for pomeranians may cost you around 1200-2000rs. 

Vaccination Cost

Vaccination Plays vital role in keeping your dog healthy. Vaccinations prevent dogs from various diseases like rabies, parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis. It also prevents them from spreading the disease to humans. 

Vaccinations should start when the puppy is 6-7 weeks old to prevent the diseases. After, when the pomeranian is adult he must have his core vaccine yearly and rabies vaccine every three years. 

Overall pomeranian vaccination may cost you around 2000 to 2500rs. 


Are Pomeranians for first time owners?

These dogs are very loyal and loving. They are great options for a first time dog owner but you have to be patient while training them, as they are not easily trainable. The best thing about pomeranians is that they are great alarm dogs. They won’t let anyone come near to you without your permission. So, They can make good pet dogs and watchdogs too. 

Are Pomeranians good with children?

Pomeranians are great companions if socialized and trained well. They are active and playful but also very fragile. If children pick a pomeranian in the wrong way he might fall and his leg might get broken. Because of a pomeranian’s fragile body you need to take extra care when children are playing with them. It is advisable not to leave children alone with them.

Final Words

Pomeranians are loyal companions and great watchdogs. If you are looking for a budget friendly and low maintenance dog then you should definitely go for a Pomeranian. They are also a great choice for first time dog owners

We hope that our detailed article about Pomeranian dog price in India as well as monthly expenses will clear all of your doubts before getting the pup for you.

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