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Best Dog Raincoats In India 2024 – Buying Guide

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Are you looking for the Best Dog raincoats in India? Yes, the rainy season has just begun in India & you don’t want your dog to get drenched in rain. Don’t worry, we got your back & as well as your pet’s.

Dog raincoats can be a difficult purchase. You want to make sure that you are getting the right size, the right fit, and the right material. The wrong choice can lead to your dog becoming wet or uncomfortable.

But how will you choose between several options available in the market? There are different types of raincoats for dogs & you must select the one which perfectly fits your Dog & keep him/her covered fully.

Before that, let’s try to understand the different types of Raincoats for Dogs that are available in India for sale 2022.

The Different Types of Dog Raincoats Available

There are three main types of dog raincoats: with hoods, with legs, and with both legs and hoods.

Hooded Dog Raincoats

Dog raincoats with Hood in india

Hooded dog raincoats are great for dogs that have long hair or for breeds that do not like water on their faces. This type of raincoat will keep your dog’s head dry from the heavy rains. Also, these raincoats are very easy to wear & remove.

Dog Raincoats With Legs

Raincoats for dogs with legs

Dog raincoats with legs are best for dogs that don’t like water on their feet or who have sensitive paws. This type of raincoat will keep your puppy’s paws clean & dry. As well as safe from the harmful germs & insects that are present on mud.

Dog Raincoats With Both Legs & Hood

Dog raincoats with Hood & legs

Raincoats with both legs and a hood allow you to cover your pup from head to tail without having to worry about anything getting wet! No matter how bad the rain is, this raincoat will not let your dog get wet.

3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Raincoat

Dogs love to play in the rain. They also love to roll around in mud. Most of the time, this is where they end up getting dirty. A dog raincoat is a great way to keep your dog clean and dry during rainy days and muddy times.

Best Dog raincoats In India

A dog coat is also a fun way to give your dog some fun accessories. If you are looking for a dog raincoat, there are a few factors you need to consider before buying one: size, material, and design.

Size Of A Dog Raincoat

Since the size of raincoats for dogs can vary from one brand to another, it is important to know the measurements of your dog before buying a raincoat. The first thing you need to do is measure your dog’s length, chest and neck. The length is measured from the top of their head to the base of their tail. The chest should be measured around the widest part of their body and should be done around their front legs. Lastly, you need to measure their neck circumference by measuring around the front part of their neck.

Material Of A Dog Raincoat

After size, the next thing you need to look at is the material of a dog raincoat. The material must be high quality, smooth & lightweight. We would advise you to go for Nylon rubberized material which is perfect for a dog raincoat as well as dog coats.

Design Of A Dog Raincoat

Last but not the least, choose the design of the raincoat as per your Dog’s size & breed. We have already discussed different types of raincoats for Dogs. You can choose from the available designs.

Top 5 Best Dog Raincoats In India – 2024

1. That Dog In Tuxedo Pawddington Dog Raincoat with Hoodie

Best Dog raincoat with Hoodie

This Dog Raincoat with hoodie by That Dog In Tuxedo is one of the best sellers on amazon right now. It is very easy to wear & remove the raincoat which also comes with velcro adjustment. Available in 6 different sizes, choose which one fits your dog.

Product Details

  • Brand: That Dog In Tuxedo
  • Size: 14-28
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop
  • Neck Style: Cowl Neck


  • Easy To Wear & Lightweight: This Dog raincoat is very lightweight & that’s what makes it easy to wear. Your pet won’t feel heavy after wearing this hoodie raincoat.
  • Dual Layered: Hoodie raincoat made of Double layer to ensure your Dog is completely dry from even a heavy downpour. High quality materials used in this raincoat to protect from rain & even snow.
  • Velcro Adjustment: Velcro adjustability makes it simple to put on. It also features a slit at the back for leash attachment.
  • Available In All Sizes: Yes, you heard it right. It comes with sizes ranging from 14 to 28. So, you don’t have to look for other raincoat options which fit your dog. Whether you have a small dog breed or large, this hoodie raincoat will fit your dog.
  • Vibrant Colors: Dogs look adorable & stylish in colorful clothing, and if you want that, this raincoat is perfect for you. It comes with 6 vibrant colors to choose from.


Doesn’t Cover Lower Body: It simply covers the back; the bottom portion of the stomach is left exposed and covered in muck.


2. PetWale Reflective Raincoat – Red (Size : XXLarge)


Petwale Reflective raincoat is an easy to wear coat for your dog which comes with full chest & tummy cover. India’s monsoon season makes it challenging to see items that are only a few feet away, making walks in the rain hazardous for our pets. Your pet will be seen even from a distance thanks to the raincoat’s six reflective stripes!

These reflective raincoats are available in a variety of sizes and comfortably fit small, medium, and large breeds. Fits giant breeds up to 36″ from shoulder to tail. Great Danes, Mastiffs, and other breeds Wearable during monsoon walks, play, and training sessions.

Product Details

  • Color: Red
  • Size: XS – XXL
  • Brand: PetWale
  • Fabric Type: Nylon rubberised
  • Breed Recommendation: Large Breeds
  • Closure Type: Button
  • Neck Size: 30 inches


  • Easy To Wear: With buttons to secure the legs and tail, it is simple to wear. Your pets won’t have to be lifted or forced into their raincoat any more.
  • Full Chest Cover: Petwale reflective raincoat for dog features a chest cover to protect your dog from his/her neck to the tummy. This will prevent mud splash on your pet’s underside while out for a stroll in the rain.
  • Reflective Stripes For High Visibility: If you live in India, power cuts during the rainy season must be very familiar to you. In such cases, it becomes difficult to see clearly when you go outside with your pet. Don’t worry, this raincoat comes with 6 highly reflective stripes which makes your dog visible even in the dark.
  • Dual Layered: Dual-layer construction prevents water from seeping through the top layer to the fur. It is made from imported components used to make raincoats for people. Exceptional stitching from a rainwear manufacturer with over 50 years of experience!
  • Leash Opening: For easy usage with a collar and harness, a leash opening is located on the rear. The dog hook can be attached to your dog’s preferred walking accessory through a very little gap.
  • Nine Vibrant Colors: This dog raincoat is available in 9 vibrant and attractive colors. Get your paw-swag on with raincoats from PetWale!


  • Cone shaped Head Cover: The reflective Dog raincoat by PetWale has a cone shaped head cover which does not fully cover a certain breed’s head. So, you need to consider this fact before you buy this coat for your dog.

3. Dog Raincoat with Detachable Hood & Reflective Strip


Pet Comfort’s waterproof and breathable Dog raincoat will keep your pet dry and protected. A detachable hood, radium stripes for enhanced visibility at night, and adjustable drawstring straps for a secure fit are all part of its unique design. Even on a rainy day, your dog will look and feel their best thanks to our superior waterproof raincoats for dogs!

Let’s know more about this Lightweight & 100% waterproof raincoat.

Product Details

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Pet Comfort
  • Breed: All Breeds
  • Age Range: All Life Stages
  • Closure Type: Pull On


  • Super Comfortable: This Dog raincoat comes with velcro straps which go around the torso & comes with reflective stripes on the outer side.
  • Detachable Hood: Yes, you heard that right. You can easily remove the hood of this Dog raincoat & wear it back easily too.
  • Reflective Stripes: The reflective stripes present on this Dog raincoat will keep your dog visible even if it’s dark outside. This will ensure your dog’s safety on busy roads on rainy days/evenings.
  • Full Front Coverage: From your dog’s neck to chest, with a Pet comfort dog raincoat, your dog’s full frontal body will be protected from rain & mud splashes.


  • Small In Size: This raincoat may not fit some of the large dog breeds. So, make sure you take proper measurements of your dog before you make the purchase.

4. The Pawpstar Co by Aditya Birla New Age Dog Raincoat/Dog Winter Wear (XL, The Aqua Blue Raincoat)


Are you looking for a stylish makeover for your Dog this rainy season? The Pawpstar stylish Dog Raincoats is the one you should go for. Made from waterproof & skin-friendly materials, also it comes with a velcro opening to make it easy to wear.

Not every raincoat is made of material which can dry easily? But this dog raincoat can be easily dried with just a fan or in natural sunlight. With these colourful raincoats, you may stroll comfortably with your pets during wet season.

Product Features

  • Colour: The Blue Raincoat
  • Size: L
  • Brand: The Pawpstar Co
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Material: Polyester
  • Age Range: All Life Stages
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop


  • Skin-friendly & Easy To Wear: The Pawpstar is a brand by Aditya Birla, which is crafted with Skin friendly material. So, your dog/pet does not feel any discomfort while wearing this dog raincoat with hood. Also, the velcro opening makes it very easy to wear & remove.
  • Lightweight & Easy To Wear: You surely don’t want your dog to feel too much weight when wearing a raincoat, right? This lightweight raincoat is ideal for pets because it does not restrict their movement. The Velcro closure also makes it simple to put on and take off the raincoat.
  • Detachable Hood: These dog raincoats have a detachable hood that you can easily put on and take off depending on the weather.


Well, there aren’t many cons reported by the users yet. Just make sure you buy the right size of Dog raincoat.


5. Lana Paws Walking in The Rain Printed Dog Raincoat for Extra Large Dogs


Lana Paws quick and easy to wear printed dog raincoats for small, medium, and large dogs will keep your dogs dry and protected this rainy season. This multicolored raincoat is easy to wear hooded with adjustable neck & velcro closure.

Available in different sizes which fits different dog breeds. Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL.

Product Features:

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Brand: Lana Paws
  • Water resistance: Waterproof
  • Age range: Adult
  • Product Care Instructions: Hand-wash only
  • Net Quantity: 1,000 Count


  • Trendy & Colorful Prints: If you are looking for some trendy design for your dog’s raincoat, this is the best choice for you. Lana Paws raincoats are multicolored with stylish prints which makes your dog look cool.
  • High Visibility: As these raincoats are multi-colored, they have high visibility even in the dark. Also, the trendy prints on the raincoat makes it even more visible.
  • Leash Opening For Collars & Harnesses: A leash opening is a must to any raincoat you buy for a dog. Lana Paws raincoat comes with a leash opening so you can easily attach & handle dog collar or harness as per your pet’s needs.
  • Available In Five Sizes: Yes, you heard that right. From Shih Tzu to German Shepherd, all sizes of dog breeds can wear this dog raincoat. Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL.

FAQs about Dog Raincoats

Should Dogs wear Dog Raincoats?

Yes, they definitely should. In the rainy season if you take your dog for a walk, it may get wet with rain water as well as mud. This can make your dog fall sick. Also, the rainy season is the season where Dogs have higher chances of getting infected with viral infections. So, you must buy a good quality Dog raincoat which will keep your pet warm, dry & healthy.

Do dogs like raincoats?

Every dog has their own view regarding clothing, including practical items like raincoats. Even if your dog meets all the criteria for wearing a raincoat, she could not end up liking it, and that’s okay!

Where to buy a dog raincoat?

You can buy good quality dog raincoats in nearby shops if you prefer offline shopping over online. Otherwise, you can find the best dog raincoats in India on Amazon.